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The spoken word "Royalty", by Timothy Yee, represents the perspective of the agent of a Central American “FBI” from the story shared in Echo International’s year-end newsletter. You can find the online version of Ana’s story below.


How did she know it was wrong?

When Ana told her parents about the abuse, they called the FBI for their Central American country. It had happened after she graduated from a Princess Club. (Ana’s name was changed for this story.) Next, the agents called Ana’s Princess Club leader. They wanted to know more about this program because, her leader wrote, “Ana specifically mentioned that she knew what was done to her was wrong because of what she learned from us in the Princess Club!” Her mentor continued, “I was so glad to know that it helped her to know what to do when it did occur. So, way to go! Your materials gave us the structure to be intentional about safeguarding the princesses against future exploitation!”

A girl who graduates from an Echo International club knows her true identity and value. She has practiced living out new truths in a safe space, alongside a neighborhood mentor. Empowering a girl in this way can change the trajectory of her life! Thanks to courageous Ana, we can see clearly how our work together is impacting girl’s lives!

Ana is just one of many Princess Club graduates who are living out their true identity and value. Yet, the need remains urgent! There are many requests for new programs. Can we continue this life-changing work? Will you help?

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Form strategic partnerships with local individuals & organizations.


Adjust mentoring curriculum ("The Princess Club") to fit local context.


Train local leaders to  start Princess Clubs and replicate themselves.


Empower girls to reclaim their identity and value...and then share hope with others!